About Jason Bible

Jason Bible was in born in Ft. Worth, Texas and has been a songwriter for over 20 years. As a solo artist, he has released 7 collections of songs since he began recording professionally in 1994. Jason’s influences are Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, Townes Van Sandt, Johnny Cash, and many more. He first played the guitar and harmonica at a talent show in Texas, where he performed Bob Dylan’s ” The Times They are a-changing”. This show was to mark the beginning of a steady career. Jason plays piano, lap steel, bass, organ, omni chord, Bouzouki, acoustic and electric guitars.
He studied Sound engineering at The Dallas Sound Lab and has worked on both sides of the business. Through this he has gained a defined and well rounded foundation in music.
Through producing, recording, composing film music, and playing live for years he has gained the experience needed to build a career in today’s music business.

While he has released numerous solo recordings in his life, a release of notable mention is his solo acoustic guitar and harmonica album, Things So True. This is a showcase of his vocals and his sound when he is playing in an acoustic listening room. He uses his talents of writing in a unique project of three part series of books and accompanying music. In his side project, going by the name the name Jason Bible and The Rights, he has written and recorded 2 of 3 albums. The first in the series, Anicca, was released in 2019 with part 2, Anatta, following in 2020. The third part in the trilogy is set to release next. As Jason continues down the path of writing and recording, he is of one of the true songwriters American Music has to offer.

About the Band

A musical force from America’s Most Haunted City, The Train Wrecks are a hard-working band of songwriters and performers who love nothing more than good songs and a good show. They deliver a dynamic, original blend of Americana- ranging from outlaw alt-country and bluegrass to rootsy rock and beyond, all with a distinctive Southern swagger.

Born in the vibrant bar and club scene in Savannah, GA, The Train Wrecks released their debut album, “Whiskey and War,” in 2007. Rave reviews and a growing reputation as a must see live act helped the band to branch out to surrounding markets in the Southeast. They’ve since been steadily building a fanbase in clubs across the region, while also finding some bigger stages along the way. They’ve opened for legends like Jerry Jeff Walker and BB King, alongside an expanding roster of regular club and festival dates.

The Train Wrecks second album, “Saddle Up” is an barn burning, hell raising collection of songs. Building on their unique mix of Americana and rock, “Saddle Up” showcases the band’s solid songwriting and astute musicianship- and some exciting additions to their signature sound. The most recent release by The Train Wrecks, “We Roll On”, showcases the bands ability to reach beyond their Americana roots. It delivers their sound in an powerful way that keeps you rockin’. The band has toured in support of this album regionally and nationally and the Fans continue to be blown away.  “El Cartel” is a song that has struck a chord with many fans and stays on the set list every show.  Almost every song on ‘We Roll On” could be on the radio in most markets and on many different stations. The Americana version of “Ween” is the type of band Bible has joked about trying to be.  They don’t want to be boxed into doing the same sounding record for 25 years.

The Train Wrecks released their fourth album, “Once Again” on June 16th 2016.  The latest recordings are a testament to the group’s staying power and their continually developing songwriting and musicianship. “Once Again” stays true to the foundations developed in previous releases, but also suggests new directions for their unique take on the Americana tradition.

The nine tracks on “Once Again” cover a lot of ground musically, from swampy blues to heartfelt ballads to straight ahead rock- all delivered with the The Train Wrecks’ signature sound. The band consciously approached the making of record with a ‘less is more’ mentality, playing mostly live in the studio and keeping overdubs and processing to a minimum.

The stripped-down arrangements retain a rawness that reflects the band’s live sound and, as was the group’s intent, attempt to let the songs speak for themselves without too much studio trickery. Singer and guitarist Jason Bible’s gutsy vocal pairs perfectly with the spare, “live” feel of the recordings, while lyrically he and songwriter Dave Williams hit new marks in their exploration of themes both novel and classic to the genre. Most of the tracks are punctuated by deft slide guitar work from both Bible and guitarist Stu Harmening, while drummer Jeremy Hammons and bassist Colin Motlagh provide rock solid foundation and groove throughout.

“Once Again” is available in digital form and on CD.  The Train Wrecks also released a limited edition 7” vinyl single.  The 7” vinyl features the single “Never Going Back Again” backed with “The Great Collapse.”

On the strength of their latest recordings and growing regional presence, The Train Wrecks are poised and ready to significantly raise their profile as songwriters and performers by continuing to write and record great songs and win fans through relentless gigging.  There has been talk of a live album.  There is a stack of songs for a studio album as well.   Looks like 2018 is going to be a defining year for the band as they continue on the path of being a must see act in American Music.   “There is no reason The Train Wrecks shouldn’t be on a major indie label. They are as good and much better than so many of the “professional” touring bands.”- Josh Peacock


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