Welcome to our new site

Hello Everybody !

Here it is the wonderful, new, user friendly !!!!! We couldn’t be happier to debut it, just in time for our new record and our new merchandise, which are coming soon and will be worth the wait. We are still working in the studio on the new album and it is gonna be ‘real good’ We will keep you posted on the exact release date as well as any other new and exciting things going on in the Train Wrecks camp. This site will have our show listings as well as any last minute updates to our schedule. While we encourage you to continue to follow us on MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter we will keep the most up to date information and important news right here on our site.

If you want to stay in the loop with us join our Boxcar Fanclub today to start receiving emails (we will limit the number). Once you have joined we would encourage you to send us any photos or videos you have of us doing our thing. We may even post it on the site and give you the credit due ! We will have special offers and merch giveaways only available to our fanclub members. It is because of you the fans that we are playing gigs, recording albums, and hitting hard with our live shows. So keep your eye on the site, keep coming to the shows, and know that we couldn’t do this without all of your support!

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