The Webstore is OPEN !!!

Hey there Train Wrecks fans. We are super excited to announce that our webstore isĀ  now officially open. Yep that’s right you can now have your Train Wrecks merch delivered right to your front door. We have some great t-shirts to choose from as well as some fun stuff like stickers and pins. We are going to be adding more so keep checking back from time. If you don’t already own a copy, now is your chance to purchase the Train Wrecks first album ‘Whiskey and War’. This will be just enough to get you hooked and as excited about the new album (coming soon) as we are. We have some trucker hats on order so keep watch for those as well as some great posters that we will be offering soon!!

We are using the flat rate shipping to guarantee you will get your merch in a timely manner and be able to have delivery confirmation that can be tracked. If you ever have any special requests for Train Wrecks merch or have questions about a particular product shoot us an e-mail at . We will try our hardest to help. You can of course buy the merch at all of our live shows and if we run out of anything we will re order on a regular basis so don’t loose hope if we are out of your size or color option. We look forward to meeting you at the shows or mailing the merch to you!!! Thanks for your support!!!

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