Preview: The Train Wrecks @ The Taphouse in Norfolk

Thursday, November 15th, 2012 at 11:41 am

The purpose of live music is debatable.

The purpose of seeing The Train Wrecks live is not: If you’re down on your luck and your guts are all rotten and your dogs are all lame and your daughters are all pregnant and your wives are all cheatin’ and your sons are all boozin’ and your chips are all cashed in and your smokes are all stale and your whiskey is all drained you’re tired of livin’ and your getgo has done gottin’ up and got gone, then it’s time to see The Train Wrecks this Friday at the Taphouse in Norfolk.  It promises to be a liver-destroying good time.  With the crowd and band separated by mere molecules, there’s bound to be a ruckus.  I mean, Norfolk is supposed to be hardcore, right?  It comes down to this: you either drink all the whiskey in the bar, or you might as well just call yourselves Chesapeake.

Turn on 96X right now and you will hear 15 bands that sound like Mumford & Sons.  This may or may not be a good thing, but “alternative” radio willfully ignored the first indie folk revolution that occurred 10 years hence and featured bands like Wilco, Son Volt, The Jayhawks, and Band of Horses, as well as righteous dudes like Ryan Adams and Will Oldham.  The Train Wrecks are well-at-home in such company, but they also fit with Neil Young, The Low Anthem, The Felice Brothers, The Pernice Brothers, The Avett Brothers, and Old Crow Medicine Show.  They are what should be played on country radio.

A soulful band from Savannah, they have been slingin’ the western swing for years, and don’t show any signs of slowin’ up or takin’ it easy.  Both of their albums are well worth your time whether you’re naked on a hotel room floor or your soul is as worn thin as a porch swing at a whorehouse.  Whiskey and War features a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “The Ghost of Tom Joad” that will put a shiver in your quiver. (Check it out in the video below.)  Last year’s Saddle Up shows the band’s dedication to honest music is unwavering.  But it is their live show you must not miss.

And remember it’s your choice.  Drink the whiskey dry on Friday night at the Norfolk Taphouse or forever hold your heads in shame.

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