Feb 19 2008 by Todd Mathis

The Train Wrecks’ debut Whiskey & War is a tight collection of eight originals with three covers thrown in for good measure.  Jason Bible’s vocals are a rusty reminder of why we all love Uncle Tupelo, and you don’t have to get too far into the album to see that The Train Wrecks are fans as well.  If the cover of “No Depression” isn’t telling enough, then listen to “She Was the One” or “Whiskey Ain’t My Friend (No More).”  Bible strums the acoustic, blows the harp and takes lead on ten of the eleven tracks.  The one track written and sung by drummer Mark Kuhlman, entitled “Brand New Day,” could have easily been a leftover from the Old 97’s album Fight Songs, as its a bit more pop than Bible’s folksy-driven tracks.  (Although Bible sounds more like Rhett Miller than Kuhlman.)  Bassist Eric Dunn holds things down nicely and dobro player Stuart Harmening often steals the show with his tasteful licks scattered throughout the disc.  The Wrecks, (can I call them that?) also put on a hell of a live show and are currently filming a DVD to prove just that.  In the meantime, if you can’t make it down around Savannah, Georgia to check them out, pick up this CD.  Standout tracks include:  “Whiskey Ain’t My Friend (No More),” “She Was the One” and the cover of Bob Dylan’s “Jet Pilot”

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