The Merch is trickling in…..

Hey we are officially back in business. The first items to arrive were our fancy new buttons

And we have also re-pressed our album ‘Whiskey and War’ in more environmentally safe packaging. store will be opening soon so you can purchase any and all of our available merch right here on our site. For the time being we will have the merch with us at all of the live shows and we will continue to offer the digital download on all of the major sites (I-tunes, Amazon, ect.) Keep checking back on the store, we will be able to ship to any location for those of you we miss on the road. If we need to come to your town next join the boxcar fanclub and drop us a line! We will try to head your way soon, and for the members of our boxcar fanclub we offer special deals on all of the train wrecks goods.

Thanks for all of your support and dedication

The Train Wrecks

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