New Videos and Photos added !!!

We have been adding some great new photos and videos to our site. We have a full live set of The Train Wrecks playing at Live Wire Music Hall !! This is a great chance to see us live if you have missed us on the road. Wow high energy, great tunes, and a great venue to showcase it all. Our thanks go out to Matt Muschamp for his still and video recordings of the event!!! Faster Pastor is a movie that The Train Wrecks performed the soundtrack for. This is one of the many great movie projects that we have worked on over the years. Get ready for our ringtone of our 41 second masterpiece, ‘Get it in Gear’, headed your way soon from the latest movie we just worked on ‘The Ransom of Red Feather’ . Check out the photo montage set to our song ‘She Was the One’ by Pink Squirrel from a show we played recently for Savannah’s own Paula Deen. We are so fortunate to work with such talented people. Look at our new photos from the fans and check out our new poster as well !

Our new shirts and stickers will be here before we know it so keep checkin’ back on the site to get yours first. We will be happy to mail them to you anywhere in the world. Thanks for all of your support !
Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World

The Train Wrecks

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