Jason Bible and the Rights-Anatta Album and Book Release

Jason Bible releases book, record Anatta
Follow-up to 2019’s Anicca available in October

‘Anatta’ album

‘Anatta’ Bandcamp Audiobook

‘Anatta’ Amazon Kindle ebook

Part two of a trilogy exploring addiction, the relationships it permeates, and the road to recovery, Anatta follows the 2019 novel and companion record Annica. Anatta, written by Dave Williams with Jason Bible, tells the story of a social worker who befriends and mentors a struggling former client. In print and in the speakers, Anatta explores themes of connection, grief, and turmoil with compassion and captivating language. In song, Bible, backed by his band The Rights (Kyle Shiver, Anna Chandler, Maggie Evans, and Eric Moore) tease out the stories on the page, fusing Bible’s trademark country grit with  blues swagger, rock ‘n’ roll edge, richly layered harmonies, and atmospheric touches.

Live performance dates will be announced via thetrainwrecksband.com. Anatta is available for download and purchase.

Praise for Anicca and Anatta

“Fourteen years into his time fronting the hard-gigging alt-country band The Train Wrecks, Jason Bible is still discovering new ways to tell compelling, raw stories.” —South magazine

“A great piece of art, truly.” —Connect Savannah

““Anicca” follows Bible’s adopted Cash mantra of telling the stories you know, in new and interesting ways that captivate and compel.” —Do Savannah


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