Once Again

Junkyard Rodeo Records and The Train Wrecks are proud to announce the release of The Train Wrecks’ fourth full length studio effort, “Once Again.” The record will be available on June 16.

The Train Wrecks have long been a staple of the Savannah and Lowcountry music scene, and these latest recordings are a testament to the group’s staying power and their continually developing songwriting and musicianship. “Once Again” stays true to the foundations developed in previous releases, but also suggests new directions for their unique take on the Americana tradition.

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The stripped-down arrangements retain a rawness that reflects the band’s live sound and, as was the group’s intent, attempt to let the songs speak for themselves without too much studio trickery.

Singer and guitarist Jason Bible’s gutsy vocal pairs perfectly with the spare, “live” feel of the recordings, while lyrically he and songwriter Dave Williams hit new marks in their exploration of themes both novel and classic to the genre.